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Jazz Duet Books

Jazz Duet Books

I've been inspired to come up with a duet book, featuring 32 jazz duets written for trumpet (but applicable for many other instruments, including voice). This book was conceived of as a teaching tool, to get students of all levels to get a good feeling of jazz and reading jazz rhythms. The duets progress from easy to difficult, and include a CD with both trumpet parts recorded in different channels so that you can study each individual part and play along if you like.


Each book is $25.00. This includes taxes, shipping and handling to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Order now using paypal!

Listen to the Duets:

Duet 6 (beginning)

Duet 16 (intermediate)

Duet 25 (Advanced)


Here are some early reviews of "32 Jazz Duets for Trumpet":

"I love Erik's book. It is the most comprehensive, practical, demanding, and entertaining jazz book I have ever had the pleasure of playing through. It requires the players to listen, play good time, and by the end of the book create your own music...all of the elements of jazz for players of all levels."

- Mario Guarneri, Professor of Trumpet at the San Francisco Conservatory, inventor of the B.E.R.P. for trumpet, former principal trumpet of the L.A. Chamber Orchestra

"I have played Erik's excellent duets with both beginning and advanced students, as well as some professionals. Everybody responds to it. There is clarity and humor and hipness in them. The explanations help us to focus in on various technical aspects, and the music itself is fun to play. This is the next generation of the Bugs Bower's Be-bop duets and a welcome addition to the literature."

- Doug Morton, Principal Trumpet of the Santa Rosa Symphony and teacher at Sonoma State University and Marin School of the Arts

"Erik Jekabson's 32 Jazz Duets for Trumpet is a welcome addition to the trumpet literature. These well written duets are musically inventive, educational and fun to play. The book's progressive structure, ranging from easy, intermediate to advanced duets, takes advantage of the best in the concept of progressive learning materials and is sure to become a valuable tool in the development of trumpet players of all levels. The accompanying CD allows players to hear correct jazz phrasing and is also designed to allow players to play along. I am sure that this set of jazz duets will become a staple in many teacher's and professional player's studios. I most highly recommend this collection of duets."

- Jay Rizzetto, Professor of Trumpet, Cal State East Bay, Mills College, founder of Pasquina Publishing Company